Chinese Kung Fu

Kung Fu, (also known as wushu or Martial Arts) is one of the most well known examples of traditional Chinese culture.

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Mu Qi MiYa Boxing Show

In the eyes of everyone, ” is to transfer the Yoga static and flat and carrier to actually ” is Gemini, have a dual personality to the other side of me; like surfing, diving, bungee jumping, nunchaku to all stimuli to limit movement of course when it comes to boxing, boxing, easy to make people think of Tyson, Hollifield, men and women, but when it is also associative together, actually the woman raised her fist is very charming. I’m love with boxing gloves on strength of the sexy ~ every punch every power outbreak eyes, it can exercise our abdomen, waist and hips, not only with sufficient burning excess body fat effect, also can effectively sculpture in all parts of the body muscles, to form perfect.

In addition to weight loss, can keep cool in front of “beating “, can enhance our sense of self-protection, but also enhance the we face the difficulties of self-confidence, regulating female endocrine. Due to the sport requires a high degree of concentration, from which we can learn to control your emotions, not impatient, sleep can be improved. Boxing is not only good-looking women, rather than men, more a sense of an hand in a velvet glove, we can yoga to relax ourselves when the spirit of irritability, can also with waving fists out ~ ~ love yoga, love boxing, love all the wonderful things in the world to