Chinese Kung Fu

Kung Fu, (also known as wushu or Martial Arts) is one of the most well known examples of traditional Chinese culture.

Queen Of Sexy Kung Fu Fight

Kung Fu (martial arts), not just fighting technique, but not a simple fist movement. It is the nation wisdom, is also a manifestation of traditional culture, is unique in the world “armed culture.” It is the core of Confucian thought and in support of that gas, while fusion of Taoism keep quiet cause soft, Buddhism, meditation and penetrate, so as to constitute a broad and profound martial art system.

Queen Of Sexy Kung Fu Fight

Queen Of Sexy Kung Fu Fight 1

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This is Chinese Kung Fu

Such a beautiful baby kung fu, which is the Chinese Kung Fu do?These sexy girls, martial arts performances to date there is norm-like.

At the Shaolin Kung Fu Academy we continue in style and spirit of Shaolin. Teaching 5 Animal Kung Fu in a responsible, effective and personal way that allows students to customize their training to their needs. Those who are interested in the physical aspect to focus on this, on the strength and flow of the techniques, or on the timing and precision, the beauty and grace, function and effectiveness or all of these. Those who need kung fu as an intelligent form of self defence can focus on this learning how to manage confrontations (physical, verbal and at work) not just win them. If you are interested in the mental aspects, like strategy, usage, application, than this is also given. And if it is for health and fitness, for stress relief and balance; with almost 20 years injury free history the Shaolin Academy is the right place. And, if you seek the spiritual side of Shaolin Kung Fu, train with Sijo, Master of Martial Arts, professional Mentor (life-coach), former Executive Manager, Engineer and practicing 5 Animal Kung Fu Master. You will learn about yourself, your possibilities and how to get the most from what you want! Read More