Chinese Kung Fu

Kung Fu, (also known as wushu or Martial Arts) is one of the most well known examples of traditional Chinese culture.

Soap opera Huo Yuanjia beginning shooting

Soap opera Huo Yuanjia beginning shooting

Soap opera “Huo Yuanjia” beginning shooting

“Huo Yuanjia” the opening machine place in the Shanxi Hukou, the firstmajor drama is Huo the Zhao young disciple launches.
The November yellow river water, icy cold is piercing. The childrenlook unafraid one by one, launches in abundance, moreover performsarrives, the performance is splendid. In the field grown-up staff,loves dearly all, also respects all.
Is precisely children professional and lovable, for “Huo Yuanjia”opening machine has made a good start. The true grand opening, thefirst gun makes a sound shines.
Practices wushu to be laborious, but, Chinese wushu and Chinese kungfufilm and television hope, on your body.

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