Chinese Kung Fu

Kung Fu, (also known as wushu or Martial Arts) is one of the most well known examples of traditional Chinese culture.

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A brief history of the development of boxing



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The sport of boxing has a long history. It originated from the beginning of the human being.. For survival and competition, human beings invented it. So at first, it is a primary means of protecting people’s life and property.. Boxing and archery are the survival skills of human beings in ancient times, and the primitive man can survive in the harsh environment with a strong physique.. In the bow is not available before, human to fists and legs to defend themselves. This is the prototype of the fight.. The earliest history recorded in the fortieth Century BC was the Egyptian.

Around the seventeenth Century BC, the Boxer Movement spread to ancient Greece through the Mediterranean island of Crick.. The archaeologists in a fifth Century BC on the Aegean Sea coast site excavated a pair of magnetic bottles, there are two people in each attack and defense boxing pattern. And in Greek mythology, legend Prince saxi Athens (1000 B.C.) proficient boxing, and has played the boxing. In ancient Greece, the sport is called boxing wrestling, reportedly boxing gloves which is equipped with barbed wire, fierce struggle often to perish failure comes to an end. In the archaeological excavations of the Mesopotamia plain, it also found the remains of the boxing activity of one thousand seven hundred years ago..

Since ancient Rome emperor Theo Reese ordered a ban on boxing, boxing almost four centuries of loneliness. Main reason is due to people affected by the influence of the rough way of ancient Rome boxing and unforgettable; on the other hand is because all over Europe fashionable riding sword fighting immediately technology development inhibited the development of boxing. The knight sport is a sport that belongs to the ruling class and the aristocratic class, and the participants must be Christian believers.. And boxing as a self-defence technology, entertainment still in the folk constantly popular; although still continued to be popular, just as affected by decree issued by Emperor therefore will not open competition.

In the 8th century, due to the ancient Roman Empire was artificially split into the Ottoman Empire and extended down from the original Roman Empire retained part; during the Ottoman Tati ruling; the court has developed a new system: “bucket trial.” And the rule is: if the lawsuit is among the nobility, then the aristocratic customs; litigation of the parties to ride a horse, to wear protective armor of fencing duel hammer to decide the outcome; and if it is civilian litigation, to fight to decide the outcome. Is in the trial comes across the difficult case, the so-called “bucket trial” is the command action on both sides of the duel; final duel victory, in which one party will be able to put forward some of the appeal to the court, court will accept the duel winner’s appeal and must be taken into account; if the appeal is reasonable, the court will duel winner’s demands as the judgment of the final request, so as the winner of the duel will in court “bucket trial” won. From then on, boxing in the common people in the more widely spread.