Chinese Kung Fu

Kung Fu, (also known as wushu or Martial Arts) is one of the most well known examples of traditional Chinese culture.

Archive August 2009

Boxing Sexy Girl

Madonna’s back! The Material Girl just released a song with Justin Timberlake titled “Four Minutes” which will be featured on her new CD Hard Candy. The song also features hitmaker Timbaland. I’m eagerly anticipating hearing “Beat Goes On”, a track on Hard Candy featuring rapping ego, Kanye West. I imagine those two could make some hot music together. Read More

Dania Ramirez makes boxing sexy

This is a photo shoot for something called the Redwood Boxing Club. Whatever that is, it must be a super awesome place since they managed to finagle Dania Ramirez doing some promo pics for it…

Once again proving that no matter what it is you are selling, a hot babe is the best marketing tool…

Maxim Models Make Boxing Sexy

Models Alice Goodwin and Bianca Knight laced up their boxing gloves and took some drop dead gorgeous pictures for the February 2009 edition of Maxim UK. I really have no idea who either of these chicks are, but they’re hot and leave little to the imagination in these super slutty photos.

Boxing has never been such a turn on.

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