Chinese Kung Fu

Kung Fu, (also known as wushu or Martial Arts) is one of the most well known examples of traditional Chinese culture.

Archive November 2008

yoga are contained in a sports injuries report

Yoga exponents are being caught out by the activity’s relaxing and low impact image with more than one in four injured during sessions.

A failure to warm up and prepare adequately for the exercise has been identified as causing the surprising injury rate.

The risks of yoga are contained in a sports injuries report to be released today. Read More

Shao Lin Kung Fu: History

Shao Lin Kung Fu

In the province Henan, in the heart of China, we find the legendary monastery of Shaolin (young forest / wooded mountain). This monastery was the spiritual and Buddhist centre which played a major role in forming the philosophy of the East. It is here that you find the roots of Shaolin Kung Fu ( Kung Fu = master of endurance and strenght ). Read More